Workshop "Thinking like a database" at the University of Amsterdam

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On Thursday 4 July and Friday 5 July we will give a workshop with the title "Thinking like a database: Digitizing and analysing data in the Humanities" at the University of Amsterdam.

This workshop offers insights into the opportunities and challenges of digitally gathering and storing information, and on modelling and structuring materials. We will do this by using the web-based research environment nodegoat, which is developed by LAB1100.

nodegoat is used in various historical research projects to gather, map, and analyse historical data. The Study Platform on Interlocking Nationalisms at the University of Amsterdam has played an important role in the development of nodegoat and has used it for their Encyclopedia of Romantic Nationalism in Europe since 2011.

The workshop is organised by Joep Leerssen and Christian Noack from the Amsterdam School for Regional, Transnational and European Studies.

For further information and registration can be found here.

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