nodegoat Workshop at the 2022 FGHO Summer School

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From August 22 until August 24 2022 LAB1100 ran a nodegoat workshop at the Summer School organised by the Forschungsstelle für die Geschichte der Hanse und des Ostseeraums (FGHO) in Lübeck.

This year's Summer School was focused on working with databases and analysing source material and was titled 'Versammeln und Entscheiden: Willensbildungsprozesse auf Tagfahrten der Vormoderne'. The Summer School was co-organised by the University of Kiel and the University of Freiburg and took place at the Europäisches Hansemuseum Lübeck.

Since multiple participants were interested in creating their own dataset of spatial data, we discussed various approaches on how to setup your own historical gazetteer. We used the dataset created by the Viabundus project as an example of an existing gazetteer that can be imported into nodegoat and used to geocode historical data.

During the nodegoat workshop, Angela Huang and Vivien Popken of the FGHO presented their nodegoat environment to the participants and showed their data entry workflows. Participants could then login and enter data on Hanseatic Diets into the nodegoat environment of the FGHO.

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